Screw you. Bernie or bust!
Bernie ain't gonna win the nomination, but you still have a few weeks to trot out polls commissioned by right-wing think-tanks. Have fun with that.
There is no way in hell D. Trump wins. He's a joke. It's another 8 years of Clinton! I'm a Bernie supporter but Hilary will have Bill in her corner the whole 8 years, and I'm cool with that
panda: that's what jebby said. and rubio. and cruz. and kasich. and political pundits 1- 274. underestimating trump is a giant mistake. and have you seen bill clinton lately? he looks like an extra in night of the living dead.
Nice try. Actually, it means voting for Clinton. She's headed for prison, so her running mate, Joe Biden will get the gig.
Watching Ted Cruz,giving his goodbye speech was a train wreck. His wife was looking like, oh shut up.
Anyway, I like Bernie's platform, and if all else fails, I am alright with DT or HC.
I'm not voting if I can't vote for Bernie, and we'll just see what happens.
"I'm not voting if I can't vote for Bernie" = you're voting for Donald Trump = thanks alot, you milennial moron
There's only one man capable of stepping in and taking over. Write in: Gleb Putin. He's just as eligible as O'bama and Cruz.
After all his criticisms of Hilarity fronting for Wall Street, Trump hires a Goldman Sachs big wig to run his campaign financing, now.…
^ Gee Dread, thanks for pointing out what any barely literate person already knows if they have internet access or watches the news.

What's next, are you gonna tell us Bernie doesn't have enough delegates to win the Democratic nomination? Or maybe that it's gonna be sunny and 80 degrees in Portland tomorrow?
I think it'll be a very close race Hillary vs Trump. Trump's got a lot of support in the disenfranchised but not dead middle class. Hillary's got the poor (who do vote now, thank's to Obama), the Unions and I would think most of the U.S. govt. payroll (which is Yuuuge), Big business and Wall Street will jump on Hillary's Wagon. Smaller businesses and many professionals will favor Trump. Trump has created a new demographic thanks to Melania (the Oooglers and Strokers...that could get Yuuuge too!). Another wild card is pissed off traditional Conservatives. There almost too few to matter, but if all these pasty white wasps...some sorry to say still influence voters don't endorse Trump and keep haranguing him until election day. That could be the difference to tip it in Hillary's favor.
"This message has been approved by no one and definitely not paid for by a soul."
Nice place you have here. I get called a moron by someone that thinks Clinton is any better or different than Trump.
^ If you don't see any difference, you've just proved Ears of Hell right.
Nice place you have here. I get called a moron by someone, and their flunkie, that thinks Clinton is any better or different than Trump.
Bernie will win because despite massive media blackouts, insane corporate contributions to his opponents, and unprecedented voter suppression, he's still the most popular candidate by far. This is the most educated and informed voter base in human hisory. Haters, prepare for a surprise ((-_-))

I get the whole "all politicians are same" routine, but if you don't make any distinction between the two, that really does make you somewhat dim to say the least. I'm not a fan of Clinton at all, but a Donald Trump presidency would be humiliating for our country. That's all the difference you need to know.
I'm just going to say this, because few other democrats (apparently) will: Practically every word that comes out of Bernie Sanders' mouth is an empty promise/pipe dream. If you've ever been to/lived in Vermont, you might wonder why, despite Sanders' shining leadership, VT has literally the most expensive public education in the country. Also, venture just about anywhere outside of the Burlington area and enjoy the bucolic sights and sounds of abject poverty and heroin ravaged, backwater hamlets. does he go from that to being able to give everybody $15/hr jobs and free college? No, really, how? I like his points on mass incarceration, taxing wallstreet, electoral reform, etc. But, beyond these, his promises are utterly empty. White milennials love him, of course, because they believe they're entitled to free everything. Question: if you go to school for something stupid, like art or chinese medicine, how/why do you deserve loan forgiveness? Why didn't you look at the job market before you dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars on a worthless degree? But, I's either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump for president. Those are your options. If you have any sort of a brain, and maybe you don't, you'll vote for Hillary Clinton.
Ears of Hell,

Should anyone believe that Sanders will deliver on all his promises? Of course not. But let's be quite clear on what a Hillary presidency will look like. I'd say more of the same, but it will actually be less of the same. What I mean by that is a return to the GW days. She's more hawkish and far more establishment than Obama.

Will I vote for her over Trump? Goddamned right I will. But nobody should kid themselves into thinking she will implement any changes to get our country going in another direction. The right direction. She's as phony as they come. Her favorablity and trustworthiness ratings are in the toilet. Only slightly higher than Trump. So let's not pretend that she's gonna make America great again either. This year's election may be the ultimate example of choosing the lesser of 2 evils.

The only difference between the parties anymore is the rate at which they're marching us towards the cliff. Dems should get credit for not flooring the accelerator, but they shouldn't get a pass for not even attempting to turn the steering wheel. Get ready for 4 more years of a growing disparity of wealth, adding only service industry jobs to the economy, Wallstreet doing whatever the hell it wants, etc.
^ I completely agree with you. Remember, I'm talking in terms of "Donald Trump could be president if people don't vote for Hillary Clinton." In my opinion, Bernie Sanders' surrealistic vision of America is not worth doubling down on at the cost of literally destroying any chance we might have for progress, however marginal. I'll take the status quo for now, since that's the only viable option I have.
^ If Hillary gets the nomination, Democrats and SANE Republicans need to vote for her. I'm just not convinced that Sanders would lose to Trump in the general election. I also think an argument could be made that Hillary could fare worse in the general election than Bernie.

Regardless, this election is not the time fuck around. A Trump presidency could damage this country beyond repair.
This election is between the two biggest egomaniacs in history. Neither give a rip about what we talk about daily.
^ I completely agree with you on that front ODD, but only Trump possesses the potential to embarrass and tarnish our country's image more than GW did while in office. If Hillary gets the nod, which she probably will even though I won't be happy about it, it's a no-brainer. You gotta go with the candidate with a nanogram of credibility, and that's Clinton. Emphasis on nanogram.
I think and hope this election will turn our country around. If Hilliary for some reason has to drop out, I feel something like this might be brewing; Bernie shines brighter. Bernie and Trump battle it out, the poor will turn out to vote for Bernie. I just feel Bernie can not be ruled out, and will be President.
So so so wrong about the "potential to embarrass(the USA?)". She's proven herself.

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