Anonymous May 5, 2016 at 2:55 pm


Another reason we should eliminate tipping.
One time I put a piece of lettuce that I found on the mat in someone's sandwich because the waitress was a jerk.
Another reason we should eliminate cheap, clueless assholes.
People who don't tip are beyond pathetic. They are too lazy to cook their own food, clean their own dishes or even mix their own drink. They want too be seen as affluent, but are clearly too poor to break off 15-20% for the people that wipe and set their table, prepare their food, pick their pubes off the toilet seat and basically do everything but wipe their ass and change their adult diaper. Then they brag and chuckle about wasting the server's time while normal people who know how to read a menu and treat someone with human dignity wait and starve because you have three dozen substitutions and can't decide the exact number of croutons you want on your salad. Go home to your $3000/mo studio microwave and heat up some ramens noodles so you can watch Netflix and cry yourself to sleep, you fucking waste of life.

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