Some of you may not know this, but the bike activist lobby managed to finagle their way into the proposed gas tax. They've managed to pressure the city council into legislating that approximately 30%+ of the revenue from this tax will be used to fund bike projects. You know, closing down entire city blocks (yes, more are coming) to make them more "bike friendly."

Hey, that's all fine and dandy, but how about imposing some kind of bike tax on these people who are going to feed off the taxes of others? We drivers are potentially going to foot the bill (I'm voting NO on this tax, by the way) all so the bicyclist can reap the benefits? Doesn't sound too fair to me, does it to you?

I'm tired of seeing these arrogant bicyclists running through stop signs and intersections, I'm tired of seeing them without a helmet, listening to their iPods while they blissfully roll down the street, disobeying traffic laws. I'm tired of seeing them smoking and talking on the phone while they ride. I'm tired of tall bikes. (Glad that fad is fading) I'm tired of them taking up ENTIRE lanes of traffic on busy streets like N. Lombard, SE Belmont, NE Alberta... and MANY, MANY others. (Sure, it's not illegal to do 10mph in a 40mph heavily trafficked zone, but is it smart?)

Just like renters who get to vote on shit that WE property owners have to pay for, now we have the bike lobby reaching into our pockets for a taste. I say make them pay!