I Say Make Them Pay!


I'm ok with cyclists running stop signs and red lights if they do it safely in little to no traffic. I also don't care if they wear headphones as long as they're paying attention.

Hogging lanes and lolly-gagging are super lame though.
If you're OK with bicyclists running stop signs and red lights, are you OK with cars doing it too? Both are equally recklessand, dangerous and illegal, but no bigs right brah?
^ Frankly dude, if there's no traffic around and nobody's being endangered, no I don't care if cars do the same thing. What absolutists and uptight people like you fail to understand is that sometimes cyclists pulling these moves actually helps keep traffic flowing more smoothly.

Your argument is akin to morons that get uptight when see people crossing the street without the walk sign. If someone crossing the street against the signal doesn't impact traffic, why would you give a shit? Are you gonna tell me that every time a cyclist runs a red light or stop sign that they're endangering others?

Do I really need to point out that when cyclists and drivers do these things in a dangerous manner it's moronic? Try to apply a little logic and common sense. One size doesn't fit all. But let me guess, you get your panties in a bunch when someone turns when there's a no turn on red sign with no traffic around? Furthermore, you're probably one of those slack-jawed mongoloids that sits at a light and doesn't turn when there isn't a no turn on red sign.
Furthermore, you might be one of those dolts in the left lane on the highway bitching at the person tailgating you when you're going 55mph. Wouldn't wanna break the law and go 60mph now would you?
Yeah but do they leash their dogs?
I just wish the bikers would be more careful riding. So many times on these narrow roads, I have been shocked to see bikers expecting others to see them at night when they don't have proper lights and no reflective gear. I understand they have the right of way, I understand they could help more if they weren't invisible.

I have not seen that many riding dangerously during the day, but I know it happens.

I love the unicycles, they are something I enjoy about Portland. I forgot what the ranter was talking about, but I felt like piping in.
You're right about making freeloaders pay. For example, why do we all pay for some people to use public roads as their personal driveways? This is super expensive and often blocks an extra lane in each direction. Likewise, off road parking Is also expensive. Those who don't use this revive shouldn't be subsidizing those who do.
Seems fair.
I say move on with a new Rant.
I say Eat Shit and Die
Bicycles ought to be registered and tagged with GPS so that anyone can monitor them in real time over the Internet, and know which traffic cams to watch. Any cyclist who pulls some shit, could thereby be targeted by cell phone towers which triangulate on them. These towers can emit extreme, high voltage microwaves and direct them at any cell phone. Of course, only unspecified law enforcement has convenient access to that function. If you think I'm joking, ask any electronics engineer if that's bullshit.
That's why, even though cell phones cause cancer, the NSA want's you to carry one at all times, anyway.
That's why, O'bama phones are free.
I think Ida/Dread must live under one of these high voltage towers. How else would one explain the malarky he constantly spews here? Then again, long-term untreated syphilis maybe the cause. Maybe both? Who knows?
Ida. I'm an electronics technician. What you say is complete bullshit.

Don't worry about Ida/Dread's nonsense. That's just the acid flashbacks, expired anti-psychotic meds, and degenerated brain matter talking.
You know.. I drive a Chevy Volt, which is (mostly) electric. I buy 9 gallons of gas every 6-7 months, and when I do buy gas, it's usually out of state, since I only need gas for longer trips. Tax me. Tax other hybrid drivers. Institute a "hybrid" vehicle registration tax and make us pay our fair share. That won't ever happen, because it will be argued that they're punishing people who spend more on a vehicle with less of a carbon footprint (to which I call bullshit.) I should have to pay my fair share.