I am coming here to tell you about a Mothers Day visit to a woman I barely know. She is truly in need of help with her rent through the Government. On my visit for the first time, I heard her situation first hand.

Some of you people on the housing vouchers, have an apartment with all modern facilities. You hang out in groups and bitch about everything. You are drug dealers, and think you are getting away with it. You have in the past, but I will do my best to make sure you strong people milking the system will be found out. Old people need a nice place to live too. You won't understand because you think you are immune to the system throwing your asses out.

I will be back to visit on another holiday, and I hope you lose your apartments before then. What kind of people let the elderly be victims of you and your gangster mentality? Too many don't care, but I think some of you do. I am saddened to see, the flip side. Elderly, letting your criminal children live with you when you sneak them in after hours. Just be aware you may lose your apartment, and your rotten kid won't care.