You're Just Wrong.

as a 5th Generation Oregonian, i wonder where our collective "stones" have gone. Truly. In being bombarded with all the vitriol in the Democratic camp, and Racism, Sexism, Bigotry, Xenophobia and Homophobia in the Republican camp, I am reminded by my grandfather's words taught when I first became politically aware: "they're not evil, they're not stupid, they're just wrong."

Locally I am in the Wheeler Camp for mayor, the Anyone-But-Novick and the Sanderson camp for city hall, and Federally I am fully behind Clinton for President, for one simple reason: these are important jobs, leadership positions, and executive positions that require competency, compromise, and the ability to practice statesmanship to get things done.

You may disagree with me, either because you think a different candidate can be more effective (he can't), is more capable (he isn't), or because you value rhetoric over results.

For whatever reason, should you disagree, You're not evil, you're not stupid, you're just wrong.