It's that time of year! Yard sales, garage sales, and the elegant estate sale. That being said, I work very hard in my yard. Mowing, weeding, trimming, pruning, etc., just trying to keep up. like so many of us do. What in the hell makes you think you can post up your raggedy sale signs that look like they are scrawled by a three year old in my yard? Or the ugly cardboard box? Most don't even come back and pick it up. Sure, the meridians are public space. Well, guess what? I mow it and pick up trash from it constantly. So in the mother-f'n trash they all go! Every one! I watched a father and son duo come out and replace the sign three times in one weekend. I've even plucked a few for preschools and tutoring, open houses, and gun shows. So funny to see the looks of confusion. We are the only house on a busy corner- so I snatch them from every side. It's gotten to the point that I look forward to it and even shoot at them occasionally with the air pump. I am talking a few dozen a year, folks. Good times! I even tuck them behind our trash cans peeking out, behind our gates, with our big dogs just in case you want to give me your two cents about public space. Thanks for the trash and target practice.