The woes of your fall from grace (cutting employee hours, selling 50% of your company to a right-wing venture capitalist, etc..) have been well-chronicled. Enough that we should all stop shopping at your stores entirely. As a supermarket, there are unwritten rules that one should abide by, whether you are a coop, Fred Meyers, Zupans', etc.. One of those is that "On Sale" means MINIMUM .50 cents off. All those stores follow that rule. All except your stores. FUCK YOU for slashing prices literally .10 to .15 cents on items and having THE BALLS to call that deal. Read it: that is not a deal and everything in your store is too expensive already. Oh, and hanging elementary school children's macaroni/African art in your eating area doesn't mean you connect with the community. No one is falling for your SHIT, so suck it.