When our country's biggest marathon comes around every four years the press is always prancing around telling us what a fine democratic process we're witnessing and they can't get enough of every single candidate's views, personality, bad habits old and new, accomplishments and mistakes, like this stiff is really interesting NOT.

After the smoke clears and it gets narrowed down to a few MEN left standing (this season an exception with Ms Hillary), those cockroaches with their mobile mikes keep asking the soon to be road kill candidates, "why don't you drop out". I wish one of them would say "Drop this out". You know, I mean what happened to those vibrant new breath of fresh- air candidates bringing new and important issues to the table? Stale toast now!

Let's move to the next level. Hillary they'll turn in to Eleanor Roosevelt and Trump into an Andrew Dice Clay. They'll make references like Uncle Bernie and Hillary are on the same page. Bernie just won't go away though. He's the only one that really epitomizes what the press tells us that they're all about, help the poor, the students with their loans and comforting the infirm and vulnerable. He's just not slick enough for them. He's the only one they can't seem to push around or mold into the stooge they want him to be. (a Hillary lapdog they can praise when he's a good boy and cuff when he's naughty.)

Hillary will be he last Man Standing once they're done. Ain't it great to be part of the process?