We have a few mutual Facebook friends. Sometimes, you comment endlessly on threads. Since your photos are set to public, they sometimes come up in my news feed. I am amazed by your contradictory nature. You go off on on people for slut shaming and stalking you and then turn around and call people fat and post pictures of your child's dad passed out on heroin. You are vocal about other people shaming you, but then shame fat people and addicts. I'm not sure why you had to put pictures of your ass in a thread about trans discrimination, nor why you put pictures of yourself in a thong and shooting guns in there as well, but you turned a pro trans post into a personality disorder fiesta, and I say that as a person with a history of psychiatrist visits. I am concerned that you have a mental illness. I'm not sure whether I find your attention seeking or crotch shots more disturbing. At any rate, please try to develop some compassion for the oppressed groups you do not belong to before taking below the belt punches at the obese and people who need drug treatment. You are shaming people in the same way you do not want to be shamed, and that is like pole dancing for tips from Donald Trump.