My tiny dog is named Purse n' Boots and he goes everywhere with me. I often times will put him in my purse and that's how he got the name. My friends love him, but nobody loves him more than me. Every now and again, I'll run into a hater, but you were the worst one.

Purse n' Boots was snuggled up nicely in my purse as we waited in line for some ice cream. It was a hot day and people were grumpy I guess, but as you eyed my baby I could tell that you were trouble. Purse started to bark and I told him to "shush, my babe-ums" and I heard you let out a deep sigh. I looked up and you rolled your eyes at me.

The line was slow moving, and Purse was getting more agitated by the minute until finally, you had the gall to say, "Why don't you let your dog out of that hot purse?" and this time it was I who sighed deeply and rolled my eyes. I just ignored you, but the harassment didn't stop. You then said that, "He's probably hot" and "it's cruel to put a dog in a purse," until I could stand no more. I mustered up my courage and then yelled at you, challenging your privilege and calling you out for invading our safe space. Just because it's a dog doesn't mean it wasn't harassment.

You took a step back, a bit shocked at being called out and you didn't say another word. The entire line went silent as my turn finally came up to proudly order a scoop of vegan chocolate for me, and a scoop of vanilla for Purse. I hope you learned a lesson to keep your mouth shut next time, ass-wipe.