This just in: Cell phone footage shot by a member of the camping party of Chief O'Dea''s unfortunate accident was released this morning. In the footage, Chief O'Dea is shown dancing shirtless around a campfire while balancing a rifle on his head and saying, "Look at me boys, I'm Ammon Bundy! Do, do, do, do, do... I wrote the Constitution!"

Laughter and a series of "hoots 'n hollers" can be heard with one voice shouting "Take your pants off, Ammon!" The chief then stumbles over a pile of empty Rainer beer cans, attempts to catch the rifle from falling off of his head and a discharge can be heard. The men go silent with only the sound of the crackling campfire and a solitary belch being heard. An unknown voice then says, "Oh, damn..." while two more belches are heard as the footage abruptly ends.

More information will be released as updates are received.