I am a hypocrite perpetuating needless poverty. Not wealthy, am I, but as a bartender, driving home with 100-200 bucks every night, I pay it forward to my fellow service workers every day — my baristas, my food cart workers — everyone but my gas attendant. Here I am, voting for Bernie Sanders, with fistfuls of cash earned by pouring an ounce of mind-numbing booze at a time, and this poor shmuck pumps gallons of noxious caustic gasoline, at a constant, so that people can get to work to earn their living, for the minimum wage, without tips. The humble gas attendant fills up Mercedes, Land Rovers, and my old Volkswagen all the same, for poverty wages. People like me don’t change the system because we don’t even see it. That ends now, starting with me, starting with this buck! … OMG, I’ve never seen anyone so happy to get a dollar.