I cannot stand shallow comments.
Like "yer up early." Well, maybe I'm still awake. Who's the early bird, if you're up early too, bucko. Who's the night owl. Who cares.
Or, "aren't you're feet cold?" I love saying back to bald guys, isn't your head cold?

These comments are pretty stupid. I don't get the point. It's completely sarcastic so why do people want to say such stupid things that aren't true and contain negative emotions.
"Just having the time of my life." Are you? Really?
"Living the dream." Now why do I think you are not.
"Another day in paradise." Says the guy with the stressed look on his face.

There was a guy, I know, we talk all the time at the bar. I asked him a question, and he didn't want to answer, and didn't want to talk. He said, "I'm just trying to enjoy my beer."
I said, "are you really?" My thoughts thought because you seem like an uptight twat right now.