You’re probably wondering why I rack up huge tabs and then leave without tipping. Well, it’s very simple—you don’t smile. And before you argue that it’s not your job to smile, let me assure you that it is. The minimum wage you earn, that’s for bringing me my food. The tip I give, that’s for you making it a pleasant experience. I don’t need to go out to a restaurant to eat. I can cook almost anything at home, and if I can’t, I can get takeout. The reason I go to restaurants is for the service, plain and simple. I work a shitty job all week and at the end of it, I sometimes like to celebrate with a nice meal and a few drinks. And when the service is good, I tip big, usually over twenty percent. But when you’re a rude, condescending smart ass, don’t expect a dime of my hard earned money. If I want to have a fourth beer with my meal, I don’t need your snarky comment to go with it. And if I want a fifth, I don’t need to be cut off. I’m a grown man who’s taking the bus home. So, you’re having a bad day? I don’t care! So, you hate your job? I don’t care. So, you hate your life? I don’t care! At least act like you want to be there. That’s the job. And you are right—there’s no rule that says you have to smile. But you know what? There’s no rule that says I have to tip.