Everyday someone complains about how Portland is changing for the worse. Well guess what lazy Portlanders, if you want Portland to retain it's "keep Portland Weird" ethos, you have to stop bitching and do something about it. Stop talking about how this city is so "great" and look at this city with a critical eye. Figure out how to keep it weird or it's just going to be like another LA or Seattle, a city where the soullessness of design wins. How about this one to start the conversation: Why the fuck do we have ugly fences keeping us away from the waterfront for 1/2 the year? Oh I guess it's "keeping portland weird" to take your top park and section it off from the world, so that money can be made off the folks in the suburbs. You get to PAY-TO (enjoy the)-PARK. Who's winning there? At least take down the fences and make it accessible and interesting for everyone. How about charging each of the vendors a small transaction fee rather than charging price at the entrance. Figure it out, it looks like shit. Portland featured park looks like a garbage dump most of the enjoyable year.
Friends of Weird Portland, we have to work together to save Portland from Hell, but that means we have to take action.