I have many deal-breakers when it comes to dating, but the one thing that I cannot stand are people with kids. EW! I'm not looking to be a step-parent or anything like that. YUCK! I LOVE spontaneity and someone saddled with kids just too tied down. If I want to skip work mid-week and head to the beach on a whim, a potential mate of mine must be able to come with me. Kids are bratty, snotty, stinky and annoying as hell and if you have them: I ain't dating you!

You, on the other hand, must love dogs. Snookums (my doggy's name) goes everywhere with me. He loves to hike and so do I, so be prepared to tag along with us if we head to the Gorge for the day (and you'll get the honor of carrying the poopy bag!). Lucky Labrador is the only restaurant I'll eat at because my Snookums can come with, and you MUST be ok with this.

Past significant others have complained about the amount of dog hair in my car/bedroom/house, but if it makes Snookums feel more at home, then it's going nowhere. Past lovers have lamented over why Snookums MUST sleep in my bed... and guess who was ordered to leave? Not Snookums! haha.

We're a package deal, Snookums and I... you must be OK with this. In fact, you must compete with Snookums for my attention... and good luck with that! Haha.

So, people with kids: don't even bother contacting me... EW AND YUCK! People without kids: Get ready for the fight of your life because Snookums is a great competitor.
I will always love my doggy more than you.