Who are you talking to?

These kind of IA's are really annoying.
This is a haiku rant. Far from being annoying Douglas, this is clever and refreshing and relevant. Learn your poetry forms and appreciate them!
Redesisign my room,
Need new coffee table , man.
To go with free couch.
^ 6-7-5 is not a haiku ODD. Like I've said before, get your ass back in school. I really believe, that with enough studying and hard work, you can be literate.
I thought about that for 1 1/2 seconds, Trayvon. Way less than you. Plus I have a new coffee table.
ODD, I probably gave it as much thought as you did when inventing the word "Redesisign."
Jesus, girlfriend. If I could have edited it, I would have. Conceptually it's a decent haiku, you toad.
^ Your haiku ATTEMPT was obviously unsuccessful and quite stupid actually. Notice how nobody chimed in to congratulate or praise your foray into the world of poetry? Stick to your sexist comments and mom jokes. Even though there's no real market for them, they're the only things you actually do correctly.
Ha Ha, you look like a toad in real life! I didn't even know! And now you are going to be self-conscious all day, no confidence, always questioning whether or not you're right about anything. Sucks to be you. Get through it, and try again tomorrow.
^ Thanks for the all too familiar stream of nonsense ODD. Unfortunately, I know you'll be giving it another try tomorrow. Later today more likely.
I've checked your vocabulary with the computer and it doesn't look good for you. Says, "most likely reads only romance novels. beep beep."
ODD, it's not what I read, but the fact that I can read. At least have one of your 6 roommates read you a bedtime story every once in a while. It'll get those creative juices flowing and maybe add a few words to your own paltry vocabulary.
"it's not what I read,
but the fact that I can read."
Is what's amazing!
Another moronic haiku brought to us by ODD (Ol' Dirty Dipshit).
HA, YOU are my moronic inspiration!
A quick check of your previous comments, not associated with me, shows that you've had the inspiration all along ODD.

BTW, stop typing laughter in your comments. It reeks of desperation.
^ I'm surprised it didn't take you 3 comments to complete that thought ODD.
Some of that went in your mouth.
Trayvon, you have serious
Daddy issues.
^ Textbook projection. 2 words vs. 3 comments. You be the judge.
Just slowing it down for you Trayvon. So you can savor and digest my sexism.
You are catchin'
shit flies with that trap you got there.
Attn. censors! Talking about it's mouth.
Think I'm gonna start calling you "Easy Pickins" from here on out. Gotta hit the sack, but I'll be more than happy to help you hit rock bottom tomorrow little buddy.

You might wanna close out with a mom joke tonight. Ya know, try and salvage a shred of dignity before you head out to collect bottles and cans in the wee hours tonight. ; )
$11.40, Bee-yotch!
2 or 3 more trips and you'll be able to purchase some Hooked on Phonics.
Yo that's racist, fucker! At least I know when I'm being ignant!
Ummmm, yeah... racist. You're a fucking idiot dude. Now get back to posting more rants and hijacking threads with your stupid comments about me.
You cray-cray.
I think we're close to a real breakthrough. Just a few more sessions.
Jesus you're pathetic.
You're pathogenic.
More like an antibiotic for diseased douchebags like you. Although, you're a rather resistant strain of douchebag. It's too bad you can't be contained within a single comment thread. Now all the readers/commenters have to see your bullshit on a constant basis.
I know you really tried on that one.
Speaking of trying, how about you try going a week without instigating this bullshit? I know you can't fucking stand me, but that's ok because most people fear/hate what they don't understand. But you must know that YOU'RE the asshole for constantly starting shit on these threads. It's not fair to others that have witness this shit constantly.

From now on, how about we just assume what every exchange will look like...

Me: Comment on rant

You: Stupid Trayvon joke. Note: This can also occur before I've made my first comment.

Me: Comment showing what a pathetic moron you really are.

You: Comment evidencing what a pathetic moron you are.

Repeat until I get sick of you.
No way! I'm an Asshole? No way! Can't be true. I thought this was going great!
FTR, I don't not like you. But you should not be mean to people on the internet. So here we are.
As a rule, I don't go off on the commenters unprovoked. I challenge you to find a single thread that shows me instigating any of this nonsense. You simply can't leave well enough alone. In the off chance you're ever able to resist your compulsion to start shit, just sit back and watch as I ignore you presence here.

I've dangled the "carrot" of detente in front of you a few times already, but you just can't bring yourself to accept it. However, that doesn't surprise me in the least.

Nope, I want you to fucking cry! You are a little punk. This whole IA shit is a bunch of assholes. Don't pretend you're not one. I know how to play and I like playing.
3, maybe 4 are not assholes. You know who you are.
On the contrary ODD, you're the little punk. You just can't take it when someone calls out your childish, irrelevant, and blatantly stupid comments.

And rest assured that you've already made me and a few of my friends cry already... with laughter. You're a fucking dunce!!! Any 10 year old with an iPad could come up with better insults and "quips" than you have.

Sure you might outlast me on these threads, but you're a intellectual toddler among high functioning adults. Maybe I should be embarrassed for continuing the back and forth with you, but I never need to embarrassed by the content of my comments. You on the other hand, should be absolutely ashamed of the mindless drivel you post here. However, if you are under the age of 10, I'll give you a pass this one last time.
Good job ignoring me, "superiority complex".
Way to ignore the first half of that sentence dummy.
#5 this thread, fool.
You're jumping all over the place dude. This is one of my points. Your pea brain is incapable of holding or conveying a cogent thought. You respond to comment #45, then use #5 after I just exposed your own stupidity.

Please bare in mind you had just crossed 3 or 4 different threads trying to provoke me when I made that first comment. You have no moral high ground to stand on. You're an asshole and an instigator. Acceptance is the 1st step to recovery little buddy. Admit you're a prick and move on. At that point, you'll see I have nothing left to say to you.
Thanks for following. Don't forget to pick up a CD on the way out.
What's fun about this is I think you're switching personalities right now. Fascinating to observe.
"What's fun about this is I think you're switching personalities right now. Fascinating to observe."

See comments 41 & 43 dipshit. Also, please brush up on your psychological tactics. To call them weak and transparent would kind. Bush League would probably a far more accurate description.
I told you, straight up, I want to make you cry for your step mom. How can I be more transparent than that?
June 9, 2016… A date which will live in idiocy.