If you go to the National Weather Service's website to read the forecast, you see in a bright red, scary color the words, "HEAT ADVISORY." I'm surprised that they don't have a little thumbnail of Portland in flames, this forecast is so apocalyptic.

In turn, search out, say, Moses Lake, WA., where the temperature is going to reach 101 today and there are no bright red WARNING thumbnails, nope. It's just an orange/yellow color with the impression of "Meh, It's gonna be 101 today folks, do with this information what you please. That is all." There isn't even a "HEAT ADVISORY" banner or anything... just the forecast of 101. Sure, it's hot in Portland, but is it THE END OF THE WORLD hot? No.

Same goes for the winter and when we get a couple of flakes of snow, the people here FREAK OUT. There's live reports from all the news channels warning of the possibility of a couple of more flakes falling. Sheesh.

Oregonians are wimps.