Anonymous Jun 10, 2016 at 9:49 am


Why didn't you say something?
You lost me in the first sentence. ^i up vote, Sam and Fyi.
Yup. IA is a loser who clearly could have moved anywhere in this "mostly empty" theater. Instead they sat one seat away from the criminal texter for the entire movie, paying attention to them the whole time (how close do you have to look to see if they are on face book or twitter?). How did The Avengers turn out anyway? Oh that's right you were too busy agonizing over something you could have easily changed by moving two rows up or down.
The people who work there can do more than just take your money btw.
@ 9.25 per hour, I'd not expect they do
much pollo.
They might take pleasure in kicking out assholes! I would... I think I just found my next part time job! #putitinyourpants
ugh, this is mumble jumble

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