Mitt Romney and a Dark Secret


If weed doesn't make you stupid, then explain Willamette Week.
I have had a couple three Drambuies and thought it is a good idea to catch up on I Anonymous. For the love of God, this is the best of Saturday Rants? Does anyone care about what Mitt Romney says? I say NO, a half million people in this city and only two people comment on this.
I think it is time for a new rant. I can't wait to read the next one down. I feel I am having an anger issue. Let me see how good the next one is.
I/A do you think there's a chance if you wrote or WWW.mitted him, he'd reply? Too bad he's not running, he might actually come to your building for a look see and maybe do a minidoc on don't take marijuana it makes you "stupid". I say you are not stupid I/A because you smoke, cause I'm high a lot and everybody knows I'm not stupid. However Candy you are drunk.
^I have been known to drink toddies when I get home. I do not drink and drive, that is a fact. i should not talk about drinking too much on my at home time, because we have a I/A hater lurking in the shadows. UGH just UGH