Cute. A fellow I'Anon commenter who hides behind I'Anon to call another commenter out. If it's me you're talking about I'm glad I got your panties all up in bunch. Not enough specifics to really know though. Now carry on.
^agree pollo, this sounds like an I/A that comes here to judge one or the other of us just because they are in judgement of his/her own fellow commenters. I guess he/she is making a point about drugs,reefer,alcohol and that we are a mess and he/she is the only one with values,morals and a lack of sense of humor. I don't understand why they would comment here if they have so much intolerance. It did not take long for him/her to tell us the real way to act, all ANONYMOUSLY. Real brave soldier.
I/A, I think you must be under 18 years old. You should be aware that to single certain things that are offensive to you, well you know. Maybe it is just too hot in the kitchen for you. I bet you haven't noticed some of the people that rant have more damn heart than you could muster up. Go tell it to your momma.
Which Portland stereotype are we talking about, I,A? Lots of options, kiddo. Please write another post. Your writing is elegant and thought provoking.
I bet you love comedy, and maybe love to laugh. Instead of giving the people on this I/A a jab in the side because we speak of alcohol,drug addiction, smoking pot, does not mean we condone reckless, dangerous behavior. We call it out as it is. When the latest comedy venue came to Portland last week, even the Editor of the Portland Mercury said we were the worst people. I was taken aback, and yet I know he was joking. At least I hope.

Some people here are very funny, and may be your next comedians. Some of us wish we could make people laugh for a living. Comedy is not born, it is acquired. Before you come back here to tell us off for being in a safe place to comment on these nutty rants, think about this-what would the world be if we had to listen to people like you telling us how awful we are.
Lots of people all over the world make people laugh, when there is darkness and too much pain, this is when we do our best job. NO NO NO we do not want you to worry about our failures, worry about your hateful rhetoric.
And as for my lawn....well, do I have to say it?
There is no such thing as zero content in anything written or said.....unless this hated person/persons you're wailing about just typed blah blah blah or xoxozyglmtgpted chisogiamangality cretariently . Actually that even has content. Now for the important stuff. Whoever this mystery person is or if it's us you're scathing thank you for all the profound advice. You say go to your fellow AA's or a shrink and then smoke some joints and stay off the internet. Me thinks that's two opposites. If you're slamming Pot also, then you're the one crazier than a bedbug. My guess is you're talking to an individual and not us Portland Merc.'ers. I do feel very sorry for this pour soul if he/she thinks you're a friend that can give good advice. Run Pour Soul......Run!

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