It's amazing how there's always someone that feels the need to correct someone's grammar and prose. Yet the same can be said from everything I'm reading or hearing from what you're saying. What is this guys? Come on, tell me the word. My vocab is bad. You're the only people that care. When I can see so many other obvious mistakes in many other instances. Come on, you can't be an English Professor only some of the time, when you feel like it. As if, who really cares. Why would you waste your comment on that? Oh, because your moron brain can't think of anything else to say. That's another thing. It's amazing that you allow your mind to even think. That you allow your thought to go from a thought to something you will say or write down. It's amazing how stupid your comment is. But you don't even know how stupid your comment is because you are the English Professor. Trust me, your comments really show how much of a shallow and prejudiced dingodumphead that you are.
Get your red markers out, teach.