You forgot the comma after "Or." That was the first word in your rant about people not being able to spell and you made a grammatical error. You so stoopit.
Nobody's commenting here anymore anyway. Any more any way.
Words of advice should be followed by a Semi colon. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
That is the way you do it. Your run together sentences, followed by multiple commas, shows you did not pay attention in the 5th grade. Start a new sentence and breathe.
I borrowed Aurelius 141 remark about a fifth grader. I try not to steal others' material, but sometimes I can't help myself.
I get your point, but it's really high time for Bernie to drop out of the race already.
Knowing how to count? The hot grandma post only mentioned 1 GILF. There's no real counting involved. And how about this...

127 x 2346 = Go fuck yourself.
Loks lik eye quilified two comet.
Probably all of that lead and radon generations of people have been exposed to everywhere.
Very eloquent for someone who lacks spelling and grammar, makes no reference to what they are talking about, and generally has no point or conclusion. I have been known to point out the overall decline in linguistic competence on line, but never has the argument been made so succinctly. BTW STM you are welcome to borrow from me any time. You among those truly qualified to comment.
again this is where I truly miss the likes and dislikes

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