You were doing maybe 4 miles an hour for several blocks on 23rd, with cars piling up behind you. I honked once, briefly, just to let you know that there was someone else behind you, because I thought it was likely you didn't realize that you were holding people up. You didn't move over or change speeds so I honked again. Then you stopped your car in the middle of the street to get out and scream at me "WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?!" then you left before I could tell you: You were. You were everyone's problem. As evidenced by the other people who honked and drove around while you yelled.
Maybe you were high. Maybe you just don't know any better. But I am here to tell you: the world does not revolve around you. When sharing city streets it's considerate to think about how your actions are affecting other people's lives and maybe adjust them just a little bit so that the rest of us can get on with ours. No need to blow your top, just speed up a bit so we can all get where we need to go, or pull over so we can get around, if you don't know where you're going. NW 23rd is congested at the best of times. You were making it much worse.