All Portland residents on Nextdoor – STOP ARGUING THROUGH POSTS ON A THREAD!!! It’s fucking embarrassing. I see the shit on sports threads between children. I didn’t expect to see it with adults! I try to ask for suggestions and then some tool or a few tools start bitching about the neighborhood and preserving the identity…. What identity? Poor, garbage on the street, homes never repaired, meth heads on the corner…. What fucking identity are you trying to preserve? A new condo is being built… GREAT!!! More people, with jobs or at least the qualifications to have a job are moving in!!! I love it! A new pizza place is opening up… that doesn’t mean debate on what you wish was moving in vs appreciating a new business opening up in the neighborhood. You fucking entitled clueless Portland lunch bags. You have no idea how a growing economy works. Let them move in! See what happens! New Seasons wants to move into your neighborhood? Bend over and take it! Then thank them for paying for your early retirement!