WOW. Maybe, just maybe, the product being sold isn't FOR people without arms and legs?
Izzat u Chloe Eudaly?

This is pure Portland PC bullshit, no city in the world with bike share, and there are a lot of them, provides bikes for disabled folks.
I'm sure the disabled folks in Portland have been clamoring for a far more unstable and dangerous alternative to their mobility scooters.

Maybe you should open a bike shop that caters specifically to the disabled in Portland. You could save some money by advertising for the Grand Opening and Going Out of Business sales simultaneously.
What would an ADA compliant bike even look like? It would have to have more than two wheels, to prevent tipping. Since the user won't be able to power it forward, it will need a battery. It probably needs a larger seat with a belt or harness. And a wheel might be tricky for steering, so a joystick is probably preferable.

Oh, whoops, I just accidentally reinvented the scooter.
Yes, do away with the normal bikes so you can have three specialty bikes for the same price! And scatter them around the city so no one will use them! Sounds like a good alternative to me.
I think this was covered in "Wall-E",
So this is a real thing?
Comment 1 – Nothing being sold; the bikes are rented (see link) This is a public service – NO different than Tri Met.

Interestingly enough, the City also neglected to provide wheelchair accessible Street Car ramps.

Comment 2 – Not Chloe here. Several Bike Share programs provide adaptive bikes (see link).…

Comment 3 – No need to open a bike store that specializes in adaptive bikes because there is one. Different Spokes specializes in adaptive bikes (see link)

Comment 4 – What would a adaptive bike look like? – see link.…

Comment 5 – I got nothing.

Comment 6 – I got nothing.

Comment 7 – Following are the involved entities:
A. The City of Portland & Portland Bureau of Transportation.…

B. Nike. 5 years, $10 million agreement.…

C. Sobo (Social Bikes) Manufacturer of the bikes.

Comment 8 – Yes. This is a real thing. It was first attempted in 2012 when the city sent out an RFP.

β€œThe City seeks to hire a vendor to design, build, install, operate, maintain, and market a network of publicly available bicycles in a Bike Sharing System (β€œSystem”) in Portland, Oregon, as set forth in this Solicitation. The resulting Contract will include Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) funding, which will require conformance by the Contractor with any applicable federal laws and reporting requirements.”…

Comment #9 - TLDR
I totally thought this was a joke.
^ It is a joke pollo. Unfortunately, the author never realized that fact.

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