Thigh of The Tiger


So they are objectifying you like many men objectify women? You are welcome to co-opt the line "my eyes are up here". Or you could follow the advice of rape culture and stop dressing so sexily. Your choice.
If you are a woman, cis or trans, I'm doubly sorry for you. But people will always stare, sadly no one is exempt.
Ya if you don't like people staring, you should dress more modestly. If your shorts/yoga pants are so revealing that I can tell you shave, I'm gonna stare. If you don't like attention then don't dress for it. You can't be selective about who gives it to you.
I understand this rant to be below the waist. This is the same MO of the sagging boobs in halter tops. Lots of dark make up in the cleavage, a tarnished crucifix from all the sweat settling in this special area. I sound mean, but I am so sick of this look. Cover up ladies, unless you like attracting molesters.
I am perplexed. Is this about the woman in my building that makes mucho money turning tricks?
This is fucking gross. All of you advocating for women to "cover up unless you like attracting molesters" are basically insinuating that you literally can't control your own molesting ass. Grow the fuck up and avert your neanderthal eyes if you can't hack it.

Jesus. A woman could be walking down the street in all that horrible, dark succubus makeup with that devil's-valley cleavage IN NO CLOTHING AT ALL and not only would no one have a right to her body, you as the passerby should be able to shrug it off and fuck off.
^ But they'd have the right to look, and stare, if they so choose. Not saying it's ok to stare, but it their right.

Let's face it, so many people in this town are so attention starved that they're probably dressing like freaks just so people will notice them and they'll feel alive.