Well looks like the rise in rents has started having a trickle down effect on precious commodities, namely house coffees served at local cafes. The minimum I've seen is a 25 ct spike, not including a refill! C'mon you greedy small business owners! Thanks for passing the buck down to me and other people barely making by. I've got a 1000mg caffeine addiction to feed. Now you got me considering stealing used grinds from your dumpster. Slapa handful in a filter, twist into a little ball and pop it in my mouth. Then suck the goodness right out of it. I know, sounds pathetic but it works. That's how I survived when I was unemployed. Not that I'm doing much better now making pt minimum slave wage. Anyways all you coffee shops need to stop Sanfransiscanizing and just serve some cheap cups o joe. I might flip out the next time I see another "free trade gautemalan french raost with fruity chocolate truffle aroma". Dammit!