Dear person I met on OKCupid and dated:
When it comes to matters of the heart, it is nicer to be simple in your blow off, rather than writing some text with obscure vocabulary. I was capable and focused enough on my book learnin' to jump through the necessary hoops to complete the requirements for a master's degree. I realize though, this doesn't mean much, as you are a self-educated person and have a much larger vocabulary than me. I did not score very high on the vocabulary section of the SAT, being that I came from a family with a working class background on both sides.
As for feedback, your text gets a C- in the area of word choice, for failure to take your audience into account. It's ok that you don't like me, even though it was disappointing because I liked you. But, it seemed you were trying to distance yourself from anything emotional by submitting said composition to my inbox. A simple "sorry, just not that into you" can do the trick. Oh well. At least you were kind enough to reply.