When Bush ignored the "Bin Laden Determined to Attack the U.S." memo MONTHS before 9/11, we gave him a pass. In fact, that day is now an American holiday. When Bush lied about WMD's to the American people, you guessed it: we was pretty cool with it.

When Republican politicians commit crimes/lie/cheat/steal, we're willing to look the other way and do anything it takes to weasel our way out of admitting they did any wrong. We'll twist the facts, distort reality, excuse, rewrite history, ignore, change the subject, yell, punch, throw random objects… all in an attempt to not face the truth.


When Crooked Hillary Clinton gets investigated ad nauseam by our very own party and found not guilty of committing crimes… oh boy.

Sure, millions of taxpayer dollars were spent investigating Crooked Hillary over the years and yet no crimes were found, but that don't matter to us. She is guilty, no questions asked. Don't ask me how we're going to prove this, because again, she's already been investigated by people who literally HATE her.

So, either the Clintons are THE smartest people in the entire world, or it's Obama's fault like everything else. Maybe it's Agenda 21? Or perhaps Common Core has infiltrated the youth and therefore it's the… no, wait, it's the North American Union… maybe it has to be FEMA? Perhaps it's because of the Gold Standard? Planned Parenthood?

Oh, shoot… my brain now hurts.