For All The Alton Sterlings Of The World


But, did it occur to you that quite possibly this was called in by a competing street hustler who also happens to be "black"? It's possible, but I am sorry that this fellow died trying to make it.
OK white guy who's never ever had an encounter with the police… thanks for letting us know what time it is.

Take your privilege and shove it.
DB, was that directed at me? Cause we could talk about it. I bet you are whiter than me.
It was directed at the IA.
The anarchy part was bullshit, but I'd very sincerely like to see Cops go to jail for the same crimes as an average Joe civilian. If a (non rich*) civilian would be justified in pulling the trigger, that should be the only time a cop considers it. Or even DUI and non violent crimes, just hold them to the same standards for crying out loud!

*We all know rich people are better than us little people, so I won't even go there.
I'm black DB. And you're a fucking idiot.
Nice theory Dog. What the fuck relevance does it have to the way the police officers acted? Have you watched the video? Watch it again and again.
Defensive much?
How do you feel Portland? America is on the edge of a race war. It's been a long time coming.
Sure you are, Darkestnight, sure you are.

I think climate change is the biggest threat to the American people and the world. Religion, and people who swallow that tripe (typically Right-wingers) is second… and unregulated corporate power might be the third biggest threat.

You have a lot in common with those bigoted "merican patriots", for they also wish for anarchy or a race war, but lemme tell ya all: It's NOT going to happen. Just like the second coming of Jesus Christ, people conveniently always believe it's going to happen in their lifetime.

So, instead of watching murder videos "again and again" and immediately running to your computer to post your infantile dreams of anarchy and a race war, why don't you go out there and help in enacting real change?

Seriously, put down the Mountain Dew, wipe the Cheetos dust from your fingertips, go outside and get some sun. Interact with real humans, make some friends, go out to dinner… and lay off the troll psycho-babble.

I shall not feed the troll (you) any longer.

Keep sticking your head in the sand DB. Ignore the hate boiling up all around you. When the time comes I'll be more than glad to squash the "privilege" out of fuckers like you.
darkest, don't fall for the social conditioning. Just watch for no article from Dan Savage. It doesn't fit the message so it won't be said. Or if he writes, compare and contrast to the article about the crazy mom from Texas.
Doubt that this is any of my business but mentioning an uprising sounds like you believe that basically all cops are dirty. I just want to tell you that it isn't true. There are plenty of cops, hundreds upon thousands of cops in this country, in the world, that try their damnedest to do what they think is right, to protect and serve. You mention outgunning and outnumbering as if you plan to go to war with them, to imprison or kill them, that sounds a bit cruel...

How can it be right or fit any description of justice to kill and imprison a thousand for the actions of a few? Yeah, you can bring up the argument that in some form or fashion they might've done that or the country might've done that but aren't you supposed to try to be better than those that make mistakes?

Besides, say we do get rid of cops, what do we do then to ensure that people don't go batshit doing whatever they want? Cops uphold the law and the punishment that comes from breaking the law at least provides some deterrent from people just deciding to steal, rape, kill, and vandalize all they want, it may not seem like it because of the amount that still happens but without any law or punishment it would be way worse.

What do you want now? A local militia or something? Because those always work so well. Let's throw in some hypotheticals! Your plan somehow works and we get rid of cops, other people in other countries will find out and think "hey, maybe we don't need these blues either" and try to get rid of their cops, and movements will start, and because the cops are so busy being distracted by those movements that are basically trying to put them off the streets they won't be able to deal with the real crimes, and movements never really die quickly so we'll be indirectly sending other countries be at least a solid two months of hell.

Tl;Dr: Oh crap, we just imprisoned/ killed a bunch of people who wanted to help us and now the whole world has gone to shit because you decided to get rid of all the cops.

I probably went overboard with this, it ran a bit long...well, if it's any significance to the argument, I'm also Black.
Wow, looking back at it, holy shit did that comment run long. I'm sorry, I think...
I/A, there are good and bad people. That is a fact. If I am in harms way, I will call the police. It is a roll of the dice who will show up.

I know the wife of this unfortunate murdered victim will have a resounding voice in our heads every time we see her and her 15 year old son on the news. My heart is broken for their family and the death of Alton. It would be foolish to think all police are like this, it would be equally foolish to think this killing was an accident.
Damosa returns?
seentomuch saw it.
While all cops may not be murderous racists, the ones that aren't stay very silent about the ones that are. Their silence makes them complicit in these crimes against citizens. Instead of being so defensive, "good" cops should stop supporting the "bad" cops. Instead of hiding behind a thin blue line, they should be routing these bad cops out of service and supporting the citizens by say, not making up stories that back up lies the murderous cops tell, whistleblowing etc.
Cops have the same problem Christians have, you could call it a PR problem. We all hear a lot of anecdotal evidence about "good" Christians who don't believe in hating others, who feed the poor, who care about the neglected etc. but what we hear the loudest is all the haters that claim to be Christians pounding their bully pulpits on Fox News etc. and screaming horrible things. We hear so much from this very vocal "minority" and the rest of the Christians just kind of sit silently by without saying much, other than the quiet whispers of "it's not me".
If the police would like citizens to believe that they aren't racist murderers, they as an entity should start supporting the prosecutions of the racist murderers while standing up protesting when one of them gets away with murder without consequence, it's that simple.
If any group of people kills a sizable number of another group of people, they should expect retaliation. And so it begins.
Does everybody at the merc feel better now? Yeah Hillary!!
Following your logic, we need to look at the real numbers: Since Sept. 11, 2001, most terrorist attacks have been carried out by radical anti-government white supremacists. Almost twice as many people have died in attacks by right-wing groups in America than have died in attacks by Muslim extremists. Right-wing white males are the biggest threat to our national security due to the amount of violence they commit on an almost monthly basis. These are all facts: look it up.

So Polo: What's your opinion on these facts?

I look forward to reading your intelligent and insightful take on this.
I wasn't referencing terrorism specifically, just human nature. The concept of peaceful social change is a modern history construct. Something like this happening isn't surprising in the least.

And it's pollo, not polo.
*flips up the collar on my pollo shirt*
Pollo, as in chicken. As in I'm too chicken to use my real name because people are crazy.
april 29 1992
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-Marty McMosca
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Correct ODD, I’m throwing together words in a manner that actually makes sense. Give it a whirl sometime half-wit.