I'm pretty much ashamed to be an American at this point. It's disgraceful that some cops have a willful disregard for the lives of minorities and it's absolutely sickening to see the that type of retaliation in Dallas. I'm pretty sure there are a fair number of people in this country celebrating what happened in Dallas. I'm also pretty sure there are always a fair number of people that celebrate when a cop kills a black person during a traffic stop.

This is what the 2nd Amendment looks like people. It's a failed experiment designed and meant for a world 200 years ago. Sadly, I see no end to all of this gun related violence.

The BLM people did condemn this, dipshit. Try converting an ounce of your racist hatred into effort to actually read the news and you will find this.

BLM's response to cops being killed is "this is horrible, because people being killed is horrible." But your response to black people being killed by police is "well, he has a couple citations in his past, so he's no angel..."
"I wonder if any BLM folk will condemn this."

Here you go, you racist, festering chancre of a human being.…
JFC! "they got their little uprising". I think this is fake because it sounds regurgitate like that fuckhead from Indiana or where the fuck ever. I hate to say this, but, you don't know what it's like to be stepped on until you've been stepped on, and frat boy initiations don't count. Also the Mercury needs a better censor, assholes.
I'm happy to see the comments to this are all deploring the hateful anonymous poster.

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