What I Learned: Protesting Police Brutality


I Anonie, good read, true or fiction. This is why the people that protest to make a difference, are braver than me. I applaud you for being there, and hope your rant prepares others who have never been to one. Portland is a wonderful town, many brave people young and old. Stay safe out there, and remember to bring water to hydrate. Safety in numbers.
Thanks for being a better and more concerned American about the vigilante type actions of a total of 4 police officers....1 who in cold blood murdered Philando Castile at a traffic stop while his fiancee and 4 yr old child watched in horror. The assisting cop (Back Up) was busy man handling the fiancee screaming at her to stay put!! don't move!! while her baby wailed in terror and the victim bled to death in front of them. The day before the third and fourth uniformed murderers in my scenario, but not in time line sequence, muscled down Alton Sterling as he questioned why they were doing so, they pinned him down looked him right in his eyes and shot him repeatedly (I wasn't there..but I can imagine the looks of satisfaction (maybe not high fiveing) over a job well done by our preservers of the peace...Oh yes his 15 year old son saw the execution. I hope that boy recovers with his mother and family community's support and kindness. Pessimistically predicting however his chances of not getting into trouble and not having demons in his future are slim.
I want to thank you I/A for being there and being my eyes to what it must be like within a peaceful Protest that can at anytime turn violent. Protesting violence can get violent. Calmness is what is stressed but outbreaks are always imminent .