You should stand up for those being bullied.


I'm sorry Tryhard. I'll try to be nicer.
You should really try being smarter. Unfortunately, that genetic die has already been cast. Luckily for you, welfare isn't IQ dependent.
^ 99 of every 100 "thoughts" you ever have.
I am sensing you short circuiting right now. Try the "little buddy" routine.
If I can't trust you to have a coherent thought, why would I trust your senses little buddy?
The smartest thing you've said (in the last three years?) was in response to one of my comments and I won't tell you which one it was.
Ohh gee, guess I'll just have to go my grave never knowing.

FYI, Comment #3 is probably the smartest thing you've penned thus far.
You have low standards, just as I suspected.
^ What an astute observation. After all, I am bantering with a 50 IQ moron. But I guess that's why you feel bullied and decided to write this I,Anon.

Anyhow... Do your worst, I'm done with you for the evening. Per usual, I've grown bored with your stale act.
I don't know why but you just got a pass, fucker.
Fuck that, I hope you have erotic dreams about your step mom and you feel icky about it in the morning. Sweet dreams.
The editors of the Mercury must be emotionally torn between the ad dollar sweetness of having so much comment engagement, and the crushing sadness of realizing the majority of the comments on their articles simply represent a low-grade turf war between the same two dudes with an excess of time on their hands and chips on their shoulders.
silverback gorillas. You'd think they'd be the bullies but I hear they break fights up. You need a genetic silverback. Unfortunately our pack is broken up so they are not usually around.
Like you're high grade, Flavio. you wish. I've read your bullshit.
This is about cops, right?

I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment and am highly amused by it, but I really wish your statement focused a little more on what a gas station toilet skid mark ODD truly is.
I/Anonie, I think your right, of course your right. It will be hard to get helpful comments because some of the worst are up at, let me see, about 8:00 AM planning their ignorant,meaningless remarks. Everyday we need to be reminded that we can stop a bully in someway. ISIS,Trump,and the toddler that got thrown through a window by her Father are things that come to mind. It is not all fun and giggles,even on I Anonymous. Yes, pollo,also Cops.
Hey Trayvon Numbnuts and OffdutyDick, in case you don't catch the ever so subtle reference to your droll diarherra in the next blog (I know you're gonna love yes I'm getting sucked in......It's all about you. One question and I do not know why I'm asking. Are you 1 person or 2. I'm guessing you're just one. The circles you blog and travel in have a Chinese Wall...the perimeter of your skull.

To be as unlike you as possible, I'll get back on topic. You are a bully. Other folks toss out their feelings and problems on this blog and click in every so often to see it they are blessed with maybe a word of encouragement or an anecdote that might comparatively shed some light. You just badger the ranter and the more troubled or out of place or picked on the I/A feels as he/she reaches out for help the more rude you are to them. That's still not the worst thing you do. When you really want to piss all over someone you totally ignore their questions/opinions as if to say "Sorry but you're problem isn't even worth wasting a syllable on, I'm just gonna talk amongst best fan.
Sooo I/A I'm sticking up for people getting bullied, but granted still in a cowardly fashion. I'm working on it though.

So if I'm catching your drift, you're saying that I and OffDutyDipshit are the same person? Also, I'm a bully if I comment, and I'm a bully if I don't?

If you say so.
I don't feel safe right now.
When 16 out of 22 comments on one rant are from the same two people arguing between themselves, means you think you are more important than you are. You could get another couple of accounts and really bore the hell out of the reader.

How does it feel when commenters call you out because of your obsession with fighting and hogging the floor? I don't care if your offended,threatening,or just calling names to each other, you both sound like Dicks. Offdutydog, don't be silly, of course your safe. Travon Norris has not left his Grama's basement in 20 years so there is still hope for you ODD.
"How does it feel when commenters call you out because of your obsession with fighting and hogging the floor?"

In a word... Inconsequential. My beef is with ODD, not you. Stick to the cat themed rants. They seem to suit your disposition a little better.
You who is good at appropriately censoring the comment section? WW! FTW!