Howdy doo? I wish the 2, sometimes 3 rabble rousing commenters whom frequent this channel would just exchange their personal emails so that the rest of us didnt have to endure their ongoing irrelevant ego stroking diatribes, convoluted side notes, and and ridiculously petty arguments. Rarely do they address the IA post at hand except for snarky sarcasm orgasms. I always stay relevant and usually positive unless it's an obvious troll/fake post. I am a senior moderator of several web forums of various topics. I know it's a BIG task. That's why WE need as much self policing as possible. I'm a believer that people are capable of maintaining order themselves without the necessity of a class of a privileged few with special enforcement powers, which can be abused, granted through some "authority." So let's put our big girl & boy pants on and act in some semblance of adults. That is all.