I, Annoying Us


My bad, I promise to bring my "A" game for that super relevant Lemon Cat post. I will also show the utmost respect when commenting on the Gecko post. That is all.
Thank you I/Anonie just for saying what many are thinking. Ignoring them is not easy, loving them impossible. Fellows please exchange your e-mails within your little circle of Boring as Hell comments. There are so few of you:it should not be that hard. You can go to hate camp somewhere else. Please!
I agree 99%. The off topic bicker banter I must say is sometimes funny and you see a cute turn of phrase or sarcastic snicker, but mostly it's like reading a lot of stupid commercials, when you really want to enjoy a good exchange among a lot of talented (Yes I said talented) comment taters on any issue however petty or pertinent.
Why only 99%....I know you limited it by saying just a "semblance" but I can't remember anytime when acting more adult was fun. I do come here for fun.
The Merc doesn't pull a commentittyer's plug very often, but I have seen it done. Yes it's pretty much up to us to keep pecking in the funny interesting stuff and drown out the Potentates of Pulp Pettiness.
"I'm a senior so and so at some internet shit". Did i read that correctly?
Come on IA! You sound like a dick that moved to Portland so you can have a job being some "senior internet fuck". Thanks, for coming!
I want to know who the "sometimes 3" guy is. Could be anyone. A mystery is afoot!