Anonymous Jul 10, 2016 at 9:39 am


Hi Lemon and I /Anonie, this is the sweetest I/A ever. Be patient with Lemon, he sounds like he deserves a good home after roaming the streets of Gresham. Let us make today unofficial adopt a cat or kitten day and the Mercury will throw in the adoption,vet fees. About the self mutilation, haven't many famous people done this? Anyway,thx 4 making me 😊
There are calming treats and other things you can get at a pet store that will help this kitty better adjust to your home. Go to one and ask a few questions of the staff. Male cats can be very affectionate if you give him a chance to come out of his shell. It sounds like you're doing a very good thing to take this kitty in.
I've also heard that CBD drops can be helpful for anxiety in pets. And Lemon is a really cute name for a cat.
Thanks for taking the little itchy boy in. We had a cat that lived down the street before his kind family with the little kids in agreement turned him outside because they picked up a cute new little dog that didn't get along with him. He meandered down to our place one day and it was love at first sight. We didn't know to call him Gracie or Grover yet. We got him to the vet. We got lucky Grover was already neutered. Naturally he was a mess. After a lot of love and attention and like you...lots of antibio's and Trymiwhatchacallits he became a Prince among Men. We had a large family of cats and dogs that he got along with just fine. God I loved that cat. We got him at a time when I needed a new buddy to talk know. The others were used to me....just good ol Dad feeding and fussing over them. Grover and I however got to talk over a lot of important issues as I'd be getting ready for work and staying up half the night with him. He turned me into a democratic, maybe a socialist. Bless your heart for your kindness and lowering your bar on good looks. I mean what the hell are looks compared to a kind heart and sweet spirit. (I know that last part is corny, but is it?)
I commend you for taking the li'l cat in. My sister did something similar with a scraggly, patchy, itchy little kitty and with love, and proper medication, everything got better. And they're both happier.

Title had me hoping for recipe.

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