Audience In Chains


This is a rant I read twice. I was jealous of your literary skills. I admit it, you had me hooked.
I guess it ended well, nothing in the news to think otherwise. You would make a great prosecuting attorney.
^Have to agree with you two. I Anonie, I know you have a future in comedy. Don't let anyone tell you different. Dark Comedy, but this was a good laugh.
You were probably in the way of his filming the concert with his iPad. Too bad people like this exist in the world.
You waited a lifetime to see a Layne Staley - less Alice in Chains at the damned schnitz? I call fake! No way anyone is that pathetic.
No, JTR, you schmo. I've waited to see Alice in Chains that long. Since I recently lost my powers to bring Layne back from the dead because of a lapse in my health insurance coverage, I had to take what I could get.
Thanks FYI, seentomuch, and Candy Coded
Brilliant read! I'll keep my eyes peeled for that crazy sausage fest fingered fraud of a AIC fan and steer clear. Unless yoir attending a symphony one should certainly be able shake it to their heart's delight!