The Skinny on the Tiny House Conspiracy


I'm sending positive vibes your way, IA, however I would like to add, for informational purposes only, that you will get killed with the taxes on a one story ranch(does it have a finished daylight basement, look out!) sitting on a hefty 1.7 acres, anywhere near Portland. Blessings on your journey.
skinny homes are there for those who won't purchase a fixer.... suckers!
You can't get a fixer for 80k PandaPDX. But you can get a tiny house and plop it in your friends backyard. It's tough to find a fixer for less than 250k in Portland. You can get them, but they need like 100k work done.
I watch some show on Monday nights about tiny houses. Pretty interesting, and I love the show. They used to be really inexpensive. The problem with them being practical for just one person is the lofts, or climbing the tiny stairs to the bedroom,storage area.

If you had a sprained ankle, or something like that, the $68,000 you would spend could cause you to be real sorry for this investment. Otherwise, I think they are so cool. The compost toilet would be a deal breaker, and also the table being made into a bed. They remind me of the old pop up tents.