This is the rant the Editor of the Mercury made a special note of on Blogtown today. So commenters; I'll be taking a 24 hour protest, and stay off I/A for regrouping myself. We can do better. I like the Editor because he is so damn funny, but 24 hours and I will come back more aware.
When I was a teenager, I saved all the white goo from the zits I popped in an empty jar. That jar sat on a shelf in my garage for decades until I mistook it for mayonnaise one time and... well, I'm sure you can imagine what happened.
Add them to your kale smoothie.
Wow. There must be a scientific name for an editor of a failed community paper that sold out to mobile advertising, and is now frantically trying to fill content with increasingly disgusting self confessions as all the real human beings induce vomiting and jump ship. Honestly dude, just skip to the suicide note.