Facts Apparently Do Not Matter


Don't get me started on vaccines and autism. Or fluoride. Or any other disputed quackery. At least no one can die or lose their teeth because of Myers Briggs.
Myers Briggs is just another sad attempt by people to feel like they belong to a group. If you need to take a personality test, you probably don't have one in the first place.
Awww. Did someone dump JTRL?
According to Myers Briggs, JTR is clearly the RDBAG personality type. Raging Douchebag for those still wondering.
Again, this is flattering to me that I apparently got under the milky white, sun starved skin of a few of these 24/7 IA commenters that their ire for me has lasted months on end. It is amazing that you have basically spent the last several months in a virtual circle jerk trading insults with each other about someone who isn't even following IA any longer.
You find this all flattering JTR? You must have incredibly low self-esteem.
Uh, yeah, we know.
I still kinda like it.
It has more going for it than spewing rants.