A New Game!


If this is real you are my hero!
Jesus fuck JTR. You are officially the most bored loser on the planet.
While I completely agree with your statement Aurelius, I don't think I agree with the insinuation. This type of rant isn't JTR's M.O. That butthole would be cheering on the developers because all the new development will increase the value of his house. Did you know JTR is a homeowner?
I'm on the fence here. On the one hand, as a multi-homeowner (suck it, JTR), my property values increase with fancy new developments. On the other hand, the more time whiny losers spend pranking developers instead of earning money means it will be that much sooner that they'll be fully priced out of Portland. I'm inclined to vote for the latter, except it's my understanding you can still comment on this site from a Gresham IP address.
Ha! I read IA for the first time in many months just a few days ago, and certainly haven't posted in just as long. It is PATHETIC that my fanboys are still talking about me after all these months! Seems after almost a year none of you have found a job yet, or moved out of your ex boyfriends' basements? It seems I have some new fanboys who I don't even remember ever addressing on here (FlavioSuave specifically). This one is apparently a "multi-homeowner". ha!
JTR loves "Fanboys." We may have a pedophile in our midst folks.
Hey JTR! Longtime fanboy, here. I loved how, back in the good old days of Portland, you used to fuck with Rick Stevens.
ODD, Is there no I,Anon ass you won't bury your nose in? You've obviously chosen to be the tail end of the human centipede. At least Todd can poop in peace now.
Why are you so concerned about Todd's bm's? How much do you you think about Todd's bm's, per day, on average?
I just love pointing out was a sniveling ass-kisser you are ODD. Nothing more, nothing less. Now go ahead and get back on JTR's jock where you belong.
Moving on from whatever the fuck you idiots are blabbing about, I fucking love this idea. I'm going to schedule viewing appointments, then forget about them...
Fer fuk sake JTR, we all know you never stopped reading/commenting on/writing every other IA for one second. My guess on this one is that you've been getting stood up a lot lately.
Tryhard, why do you think you're so obsessed with mouth-to- ass stuff? I'd like to hear your perspective on things.
It's not my lips on his ass ODD, they're yours. This is a question you need to answer for yourself.
Denial will get you nowhere and also you are a copy-cat commenter. Nothing original , ever. Try-fucking-soooooo-hard.
And, you are obsessed with poop and butts and smearing poop on things. You are on the "arson suspect list". How many animals have you hurt this month?
ODD, making no sense at all and jumping all over the place isn't originality, it's stupidity. The only list you'll ever make is the "Haven't Graduated High School" list. You should really go back to school. I think standards have been lowered enough for you to actually graduate now. There's always Trump University too. You could be a yuge success!!!!
I'd be yawing too if I was scanning I,Anon at 11:30pm on a Sunday.