To the hipsters that scowl at me and my infant child while we grocery shop or sully the public park where you like to sit in a cloud of expensive tobacco and dwell on your self involved (and stylish!) melancholy with our "breeder"-ness, to the friends that sniff at me for preferring to stay home breast feeding over drinking at the same bar, listening to the same conversations, numbing myself to monotony with whiskey and PBR, to all the assholes who don't want to pay their arts tax or any other tax that funds public schools because you don't have kids and people shouldn't be breeding anyway—Fuck You. You are selfish and sad and seriously lacking in perspective.

When you are old and sick and all alone in the world, it will be someone’s grown up baby that takes care of everything for you from running your government and wiping your ass to performing surgery on your cold black heart.