You all want the "dilapidated" building I live in torn down because you want a donut shop or cafe in it's place. Some even mini orgasmed at the idea of a new season. You say it's rat and pigeon infested, moldy without ever seeing the inside. Speaking of pigeons, tell the dude down the street to stop feeding them every morning. Yes, the exterior is what you'd expect for nearly a century old. A little drab and in need of serious upkeep. You pretend to be concerned about its inhabitants. But seriously..we all know you just want your hood to become a mini Pearl. So what will it be replaced with? How about a boxy 4 story apartment building with no parking garage? Willing to share some of the street in front of your house? How about a that premium grocery store fantasy that will make your budget see red if you just have lunch there? Then watch your property taxes skyrocket; rents in nearby apts will also go thru the roof. Sow that seed of gentrification. You complain about drug addicts loitering around. It's across the street from 2 convenience stores and a laundry mat; a block from other building where addicts take refuge in the bushes. 82nd is a holler away as is Addict Park (what it should be called). Stretch the truth so you can stack on the reasons you want to demolished. Be careful what you wish for. The results may be even worse. But hey, then you'll have something new to whine about.