When homeowners complain about the homeless, three things always come up: syringes, sex and drug dealing. Then the children and the out-of-town seniors. But my story is as good as anybody's anecdote. I don't have a car and I walk a lot. Condoms yes — but I can't recall seeing syringes. People have sex at parties and in bathrooms at clubs, but not in city parks. Drug deals on the street are fast and discrete, so you've got to be watching like a cop to catch one. Yet people who rarely get out of their cars see this stuff all the time when there's homeless around! What's going on in those tents? Surely, it must be something bad! We've got to do something about those tents before they ruin Portland! At least for some variety in all the outrage, it would be interesting if these busy eyewitnesses saw something new about the homeless. It wouldn't have to be anything good; just something new.