I'd say you got a whooping cough because you're touching the bottom of your shoe then with the same hand wiping the saliva off your mouth dumbshit. Yes I'm carrying a pizza box. When you ask me if it's pizza, and I say no it's hotdogs, I'm not telling the truth, dumbshit. When you coughed behind my head, I said thanks for coughing behind my head. Without an apology, you showed me the pretty little princess you are with your sunglasses on at night. Sorry I kicked your foot as I left the bus while every fucking second you took your phone out your pretty little pink purse to send a text then put it back in your pretty pink purse, dumbshit. Have you ever been going home at midnight after work in downtown, and seen all the dumbshits wandering, or dumbshits passed out on the sidewalk, or the dumbshit city worker who must pressure wash as you walk by and also bully people away from standing at the bustop? Hey dumbshit, why is it cool for a dog to piss on a tree but it's wrong for a human to piss on a tree? Hey dumbshit, why must you make your turn the second it's clear for you to go? Which means you dumbshits can't even wait a few seconds for me to cross in peace without you crawling in my butthole. There's always dumbshit too dumb to know they won't make the light but just dumb enough to think they can then they get stuck in the crosswalk.