There was a recent post about crows creating a nuisance in a neighborhood and, as I expected, some avid bird feeders commented in such a predictable way. See, people who feed animals have the same mentality as one who hoards. They won't stop, no matter how their behavior affects the community in a negative way. In fact, like hoarders, they can't stop... it's a mental disorder.

Over the years, I've lived next to three avid bird feeders and all went bat-shit crazy when I confronted them about the nuisances they were creating. Two of the feeders created rat problems by putting out excessive food, but do you think they cared? Nope. One told me to "Fuck off!" and the other actually put out more food in retaliation. Seriously, these were people who I thought were friendly neighbors, but once I requested, and then demanded that they stop feeding birds, they all went fucking insane.

If you list the pros vs. cons over bird feeding, the cons certainly win. Take away the pro of "it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside" and there is no logical reason why a human needs to get wild animals dependent on them for food.

When it does create a nuisance to the surrounding area, whether it's an accumulation of bird shit, noise or attracting vermin, that's when a normal, mentally healthy, logical and unselfish person would usually stop. Sadly, most bird feeders are not normal, mentally healthy, logical or unselfish.

I thank my lucky stars I don't live next to one now.