I'm getting to a point where I'm wanting to meet someone and be in a relationship. I don't really want to date though. I just want to find the one. You know, the hopeless romantic situation. I don't really try. Not on any websites, and in a daily grind, I don't see it possible to meet anyone. I want head over heels love, sex, support, understanding, teamwork, and encouragement. Don't really care for marriage, money, or kids but if it came along... Lately, I haven't really been trying, but my eyes are open and looking. I could really fall in love everyday based on physical attraction. Combine that with someone that there seemed to be intellectual chemistry with, and boy, what a fool I become. Talk about my obsession kicking in for a week. Trying to stalk them on the internet for a week, and not being able to stop thinking about them. Or going to the bar on the night they work, just to see them, because dammit, we had a real connection last time. I know they felt it. Shamefully imagining holding them while we lay looking at the stars. Then weeks go by, and I say, what a fool I am. As if. Whatever. Like what would that beauty, out of my league person ever want to do with a wreck and mistake like me? Then again, Friday's coming up. I know who's working. I hope they haven't quit again then I'll never see them again.