That's a pretty ironic mission statement seeing as it appears the entire your insurance company is helping me vastly decline in my downward spiral. I was sexually assaulted, it took over a month to get any mental health treatment. I had to pass through multiple hoops to be deemed "traumatized" enough to be granted the "honor" of seeing a liscened Kaiser provider. After seeing three separate therapists, having to repeat my story over and over again, they attempted to have me see a fourth random therapist. I only say attempted because I walked out half way through the appointment. I was told I would need to be seen at least weekly, but in reality I'll be lucky if I get seen once a month. The last therapist told me I should take advantage of free victim counseling. Is that a fucking joke? What the hell am I paying you for?

Thanks again. I'm more alone and distraught than ever, and ten dollars poorer after essentially paying a doctor to tell me to seek help outside my health care system.